Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our story in 200 words or less...

Laura and David met in Mrs. York's Algebra III class at Alton High, but didn't talk much until years later when, through friends and significant others, they met again and became a couple in May 2007.

In 2008, they moved into the Lincoln Lofts in Downtown Alton and adopted a kitty named Sadie Gray. In 2009, they bought a house in Alton and adopted a calico kitty named Hayley Two Face -aka- Mini Cat and have been living there together, happily, with crazy cat allergies, ever since. 

Laura enjoys Halloween, photography, running and all things "Supernatural." David enjoys sports and indie music. Together, they watch way entirely too much television (did someone say "Friday Night Lights?) and have spent a few too many summer vacations on the farm in Manchester, TN. ;)

To be continued...

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