Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flower Deal of the Century

I know this planning thing just got started, but when you find a deal like this, you have to jump on it. Old Time Pottery had their fall flowers on sale for 75% off, so we got the materials this afternoon to create pretty much everything from ceremony and reception decor to boutineers and bouquets, all for well under $100 total. Check it:

The beginnings of the bride's bouquet

The beginnings of the bridesmaids bouquets

Some fall accents for the bouquets

Centerpiece idea: If you have any brown or green wine bottles, please save them for me. 

A bunch of the flowers ready to be stored upright so they don't get messed up. 

I actually can't wait to play around with the bouquets, to make them into something unique for the event. I have some more ideas for centerpieces so those are going to be some fun too!

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