Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 24 - Quick Update

Had our 24 week appointment today and everything is going smoothly so far. She's measuring right above my belly button now and her little heartbeat is consistent and strong at about 154 bpm every time we go in. Today, however, was probably the last appointment David will be able to go to with me, as he starts his new job at Miniature Market in St. Louis next Tuesday. In about four weeks I'll have to do my 28-week labs and glucose screening, so I'm hoping that goes as well as everything else has thus far.

I feel her move every day now. It's super cool, but still a little weird, especially as it gets stronger. The other day she got me so hard it kind of scared me. I haven't seen any movement from the surface yet though, and my belly button is still a major innie, so for those things I can also be temporarily thankful.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's a Girl!

A week ago Friday, we had our anatomy scan ultrasound where we learned the baby's gender and that everything was looking really good. (Thus far, holding my pee before that appointment has been, by far, the hardest part of my pregnancy.) It was nice to see baby, though, much bigger this time, and we got 10 pictures out of the visit (including one really cool one of a hand - you can see all the little bones in the fingers). We also learned that she's a little big for her gestational age at 14 oz., and bc of that and since I have short cycles, Dr. Talsky moved my due date up to Sept. 13 from Sept. 15.

We held the secret for the rest of that day, which included a banquet at work for me, and the next day, in which I had the Color Run and Kevin and Kelsey's wedding, and then we held an official gender reveal lunch on Sunday, where we did a fun little reveal using Silly String. 

First, we asked everyone to guess the gender, and we took a group picture. Then we went out to the front of the house and let my mom, David's mom and David's dad spray us with pink Silly String to reveal that we are having a little girl. We are calling her Amelia Harper.

Everyone is really excited! David's mom never got a little girl, and mine was excited to dress her up all cutesy, but really, we would have been happy either way. 

This week, 21 weeks along, I learned those feelings I have been having are indeed baby kicks, and they are getting stronger. David was even able to feel them last night by pressing into the bottom right side of my tummy. He was super excited and said it was "the best feeling in the world." It was very cute, and I was happy to be able to share that with him. 

This morning she started kicking a bunch when Mini kitty sat on my stomach, I think because she purrs so loudly. She doesn't do that with Sadie Gray yet.