Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 24 - Quick Update

Had our 24 week appointment today and everything is going smoothly so far. She's measuring right above my belly button now and her little heartbeat is consistent and strong at about 154 bpm every time we go in. Today, however, was probably the last appointment David will be able to go to with me, as he starts his new job at Miniature Market in St. Louis next Tuesday. In about four weeks I'll have to do my 28-week labs and glucose screening, so I'm hoping that goes as well as everything else has thus far.

I feel her move every day now. It's super cool, but still a little weird, especially as it gets stronger. The other day she got me so hard it kind of scared me. I haven't seen any movement from the surface yet though, and my belly button is still a major innie, so for those things I can also be temporarily thankful.

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