Tuesday, July 29, 2014

33 Weeks Update

Just a quickie update here. 

Went to the doctor last Friday (32 weeks, 6 days) and had a super fast checkup. Before I get to that, let's rewind a bit, since I've been an update slacker. 

At around 28 weeks, I flunked my one-hour glucose screen and had to take the 3-hour screen (not nearly as bad as people say it is). I actually thought it was a breese, and I passed - but my three-hour number was high. At least two of the four numbers have to be high for a gestational diabetes diagnosis. The doctor said that can still change at the pregnancy goes on, so we'll need to watch that a bit, but for the moment it appeared that we're in the clear.  

During that same appointment, her heartbeat was a strong 154-157, as usual, and she had moved into a head down position, where weeks ago, she had been lying transverse (on her side). My uterus was measuring a little on the small side of normal. Still, he felt around and estimated her actual size at around 3.5 pounds (normal), and told me for the umpteenth time that I'm still "carrying wide." (I understood that when she was apparently lying transverse, but what the heck does it mean now? I will never know.)

This time her heart rate was about the same; maybe a little closer to 157 because she was moving around a lot. She's still head down (in "go" position), and I'm still "carrying wide" but only gained a pound over the last two weeks, which he estimated to be her. He says she's about 4.5 pounds now (at basically 33 weeks), which he said was pretty big for her age, although from everything I've read online it seems to be in the normal range (really though, what do I know?).

I haven't had any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet, unless I have and I don't know that's what they are (I think maybe I had my first ones last night).

Only 7 weeks to go, and lots to do!

Diaper Shower/Co-Ed Shower Success

David's mom, dad and brother threw us an amazing Co-Ed Shower/Diaper Party at Brian's house on July 20 (32 weeks) where we got a lot of new stuff for Baby Amelia and had a blast with many of our closest friends and family members. Thought I'd recap some of it here with photos before this weekend's Wittman Family Baby Shower, which will be much more traditional, but fun nonetheless. ;) 

Both of these special events mean that our due date is coming ever closer, but at least we're getting things together and ready for our new arrival!

We got loads of diapers and wipes, in addition to a lot of great gifts, but this diaper cake was so adorable! Although it's summer time and lots of people couldn't make it, most of the people we regularly hang out with showed up, including a 7-week-old baby, and a 9-day-old baby. They were adorable, but mom and dad aren't ready to hold them just yet. ;)

We played party games - mostly the guys - involving babies in ice cubes (whose water will break first?) and tying your shoes with a balloon in your shirt, and encouraged guests to make Amelia a personalized toy block to play with when she's older. Marissa helped with a lot of the planning and was an amazing help, even though she just came back from a trip to Mexico the previous day (poor tired lady!).

Among a multitude of overly generous gifts from everyone in attendance, Athena and Bryan got us this awesome Doctor Who outfit for when she outgrows her TARDIS onesie. ;) Uncle James brought her a copy of one of his favorite short storybooks as a child, complete with a personalized note inside. 

All in all, we got a great start on her closet and things are starting to feel more real.

Go on, admire the craftmanship of these toy blocks ;)