Tuesday, December 27, 2011

AND the planning begins...

Thanks to www.theknot.com, I'm not TOTALLY new to this whole "planning thing" - I'm like Monica Geller from "Friends," I've had bits of this planned for years if not all my life - but there is still A LOT to do.

I thought I was going to work on some house projects and whatnot during my week off, but instead I'll be spending some of it making calls to reception halls to get enough info at least to choose a date. Once that's done I can slow down and go at a more comfortable pace.

I promise not to be a bridezilla.

We'd like a fall wedding and I'm pretty set on October. Together we settled on a date we'd love to book - with several possibilities if that one can't work out. We've also started to figure out the wedding party we hope to recruit ;) Tomorrow I've got to figure out some budgeting with my mom.

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