Friday, March 28, 2014

16 Week Update

Just a quick update following my 16 week check up this morning (at 15 weeks, 4 days).

This month I battled a number of infections, for which I was on a number of "pregnancy safe" antibiotics, but otherwise had no complaints.

Everything looked good at the appointment.

I did gain 5 pounds within the last month, which seems kind of steep for this early in the pregnancy. I am looking bigger around the middle these days and wearing a lot of my friend Emily's hand-me-down larger, non-maternity clothing to feel comfortable, but there's not much of a bump there, if any at all. Until this morning, I thought my uterus was much lower than apparently it is, so maybe some of that pudge is actually a bump now after all.

The nurse practitioner found baby's heartbeat immediately, which was a steady and strong 157 bpm.

At next month's appointment, on April 25, we should be able to tell whether he or she is a little boy or girl! I can't wait. I guess I should start researching fun ways to "reveal the gender" to our families and friends. Mostly I am looking forward to looking for cute baby stuff to put on our registry. I haven't let myself do that thus far because there are far too many gender specific things out there and I don't want to find myself daydreaming and leaning one way or another, when really all we care about is a healthy and happy baby.

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