Saturday, June 29, 2013

Honeymoon Highlights: Day 2

Day 2
After getting some Dunkin Donuts, we hit the road yet again for a four hour drive to Charleston, SC. When we arrived, we found a cool game store in Summerville called Here Be Games and Books. They had a lot of stuff I haven't seen at local game stores, and we ended up buying two games - Gloom and Zombie Dice. Around 4, we were able to check in at The Inn at Middleton Place.

The view from our room :)

The inn was wonderful. (Warning: The wifi wasn't great and the TV was small and only got a few channels, so if that's the kind of thing you're looking for, this isn't your place.) Yeah, it was rustic, but it was very clean and super relaxing and romantic. It felt like a destination, not just a place to rest your head, and was definitely a primo choice. The one downside was the distance from the beach/downtown Charleston, probably only because of the traffic on and around Ashley River Road, but otherwise it was fantastic.

The outside looks very modern, which is a contrast from the historic plantation located on the grounds (to which you get FREE admission for being a guest at the inn, a fantastic perk), but it feels right at home with surrounding nature.

We were the room on the bottom left under the stairs.  

South Carolina is known for palmetto trees. 

The lodge and common area was located not far from our room. 

Terrific view of the Ashley River. 

A walking path to the Middleton Place historic plantation

Ashley River overlook

The view from the pool!

This pool was amazing, until it started to get dark and a giant fly tried to attack us ;)

Drinks and chess at the lodge

Our bathroom with huge shower/soaking tub

Our bedroom and sitting area with floor to ceiling windows

Organic toiletries - nice!

Nice fireplace, even though it was too hot for that sort of thing. Would be terrific in the winter!

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