Monday, December 31, 2012

Our First Married Christmas

Our first Christmas as a married couple didn't go exactly as we had planned (due to lack of sleep and other stresses), but in the end, we were together and that's all that matters. And the weeks and days leading up to the big day were pretty eventful as well.

Earlier in the month, we attended an ugly sweater Christmas party with my friends from high school, which was a lot of fun.

Next, we went to a bowling party with David's coworkers from Domino's. 

I am usually terrible at bowling but for some reason I was super awesome that night, and peaked at around a 160.

We usually don't print photo cards professionally, but since we had so many great pictures from the wedding this year, I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I got some from CVS, and then when I realized I didn't have enough, I went to Walgreens and printed some in store. Both were pretty nice actually - I preferred the look of the CVS design, but appreciated the convenience of using Walgreens. Photos to be loaded later on.

We had our usual party on Dec. 23 at my parents' house, and although James came down with something nasty (sneezing and itching and swelling eyelids - we think possibly a reaction to the ink in a new pair of pants he put on without washing) and had to leave early, it was nice.


And our ornament this year was a snowglobe with our wedding picture on it. :)

Well, that's all for now.

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