Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Said Yes to the Dress

I can't show you a picture because it would ruin the big punchline - but I found and purchased my wedding dress today! It was at David's Bridal. I could have shopped around some more - I had planned on checking out Carole Frew's and went to a little place in Collinsville called Champagne and Lace, but what can I say? When you know you know. I had to choose between two beautiful gowns, and it was a touch choice, but in the end, the dress that was more me was my dream gown. Easy on the pocketbook too.

David also picked out his tuxedos - yes, he decided to go with tuxes. Technically, we won 6 free plain black tux rentals from Williard's Formalwear in Fairview Heights, but since we wanted brown we were able to put the cost of the free ones toward the cost of the ones he chose. So we're still getting a pretty good deal. They're chocolate brown, almost black, and David will be wearing an autumn orange, while the other guys wear a leafy fall green.

I need to go shopping with Marissa for bridesmaids dresses and she can help me pick out the brown color. I have something in mind, but that way we can look for something for her too! The other girls will have to wait for swatches in the mail so they can go find their dresses. This is all starting to be very exciting.

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